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Xerun Combo XR8 Pro G2 4268SD G3 2000kV On-Road
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Xerun Combo XR8 Pro G2 4268SD G3 2000kV On-Road

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Hobbywing XeRun Combo - XR8 PRO G2 Sensored ESC & 4268SD G3 2000kV On-Road Hobbywing XeRun XR8 PRO G2 Sensored ESC Info: The XR8 Pro G2 ESC is designed to work in full-sensored mode at all times when it is paired with a compatible HOBBYWING motor. For example, G3 series 1/8th motors. This ESC paired with a compatible HOBBYWING motor can use the Turbo Timing technology which was designed for the successful XR10 Pro series ESC used in 1/10th On-Road and Off-Road competition. This ESC can support up to 48 degrees of Boost and Turbo Timing when paired with the new HOBBYWING 4268/4274 G3 motors with an increase of 50% more performance than the previous G2 series motor keeping you way ahead of the competition. Battery-Reverse Polarity Protection The XR8 Pro G2 ESC is designed with Built-in Reverse Voltage Protection Circuit. The circuit protects the ESC components from reverse polarity of the battery connections. Wireless Programming / Upgrading / Data Logging With HOBBYWING OTA programmer and a smartphone (with the HOBBYWING HW Link V2 App installed), the user can program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC. Real Time Data Logging With HOBBYWING OTA programmer, connect the HW Link V2 App to the ESC and open the real-time data logging function, to check the Throttle, Voltage, Current, Temperature, RPM and other data in real-time operational status of the ESC and motor. Note: Due to the range limit of Bluetooth, the operational distance is only about 5 meters. New Communication Protocol Speeds Up Parameter Setting and Firmware Upgrading The ESC adopts fire-new communication protocol which greatly improves the speed of setting parameters and upgrading firmware. The data transmission speed is increased by 2 times when being paired with the LCD G2 Program Box and 3-4 times faster when paired with the OTA Programmer. Note: LCD G1 Program Box and WiFi Express Module still use old protocol, so the data transmission speed remains the same as before! Capacitor Thermal Protection Capacitor thermal protection is designed and implemented into the ESC in which will effectively prevent capacitors from exploding and causing irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload. Powerful Internal BEC The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 15A and voltage adjustable from 6V to 8.4V (step: 0.1V) allows the use of various standard servos and high voltage servos. Multiple Programmable Items The ESC contains nearly 30 adjustable parameters, including Throttle PWM Frequency, Brake Frequency, Softening Value / Range, Boost / Turbo Timing which are commonly used in 1/10th XR10 Pro series brushless ESC. It can accurately adjust the power settings to suit any driving style and track surface. Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch The dust proof and waterproof switch housing ensures a long reliable life for your ESC and electronic switch, it will not suffer from the problems most standard mechanical On / Off switches encounter. Superior Dust Proof Protection The ESC is IP5X rated. It has superior dust proof protection in which protects the ESC in all types of environments. Specifications: Type: Brushless Sensored 1/8 Pro ESC Waterproof: No Cont./Peak Current: 200A/1080A Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo or 6-12 Cell NiMH BEC Output: 6V-8.4V adjustable, 6A Wires: 12AWG 200mm Input Connectors: No Output Connectors: No Fan Size: 30 x 30 x 10mm Fan Voltage Range: 5-8.4V Size: 56.1 x 42.1 x 38.6mm Weight: 114g Applications: Sensored & Sensorless Brushless Motors Vehicles: 1/8 Off-Road/On-Road Competition KV Rating/T Count: 4S LiPo: 4268/4274 ≤3000KV ESC Programing: SET Button on ESC: Not Supported LED Program Box: Not Supported LCD Program Box: Supported WiFi Module: Supported OTA Programmer: Supported Programming Port: Independent programming port Firmware Upgrade: Supported XeRun 4268SD G3 2000kV On-Road Brushless Sensored Motor Info: 1/8th scale brushless power system with the implementation of a pure signal sensor mode circuit. Built-in intelligent integrated circuit is used so the sensor unit can easily be identified by the ESC when pairing with Hobbywing's XeRun XR8 series of ESC's the motor will operate in “Pure Sensored” mode at all times, providing a better performance and a smoother throttle response. 1/8 Power System & Turbo Timing technology It can be used when this motor is paired with Hobbywing's XERUN XR8 series of ESC's the Motor can use the Turbo Timing technology which was designed for the XR10 Pro series of Esc's used in 1/10th On- and Off-road Competition.The motor will increase to maximum power output instantly. The maximum speed will increased by as much as 50% more than the output of the previous G2 series motors keeping you way ahead of the competition. Please Note: When tue G3 Series motors are paired with XR8 Pro G2 ESC the turbo feature can be set to the maximum of 48°. The mechanical turbo timing of motor can be accurately adjusted in both directions (CW/CCW) The mechanical turbo timing can be adjusted between 20-40°. It is convenient for driver to calibrate accurately output power of motor and meet power requirements of various application. The efficiency is improved greatly, effectively reducing the temperature rise Compared with XERUN 4268/4274 G2, the motor structure is greatly optimized, the efficiency is improved by 6% or more, which reduces the motor temperature increase effectively (Reducing thermal runaway). The G3 Series is Fail Safe and reliable using Hobbywings new motor Hall sensor technology The motor sensor system adopts patented technology of "error-free" Hall sensor technology, with an independent high-speed and high-precision encoder of which will always output a pure and accurate rotor position signal, which effectively will isolate any external interference which are known to cause errors of the sensor signal. This accurate sensor system will allow the motor to function at its peak performance in a very stable sensor state. Excellent dust proof design The Off-Road motors are IP5X. Its excellent dust proof design will minimize debris entering the motor which is very well known to effect Off-Road applications. Note: Only 4268-1900KV/2200KV and 4274-2250KV are IP5X. Light weight The design of 4268SD G3 is optimized which reduces the overall weight of motor. The weight of 1900KV / 2200KV is 315g / 285g respectively. And the weight of 4268 motor is 330g, 1900kv / 2200kv is 20g / 45g lighter than peers. The light weight motor is convenient for the driver to adjust the balance performance of the vehicle. Low rpm (no current) torque The motor also minimizes the low rpm (no current effect) also known as cogging and small torque pulse. It is very smooth at low rpm increasing its performance at low speeds. Advanced material in the industry and outstanding product design Its made out of a single piece of 7075 aluminum bar processed by precision CNC. The CNC Stator case has zero gaps or any screws on the surface of the Can body. There is a silicone dust proof ring seal that surrounds the sensor base. The details show originality. The front case bell contains two pairs of M3 and two pairs of M4 screw holes, which are suitable for various mounting bases. The outlet terminals use a widened U-shaped/90° gold-plated curved copper contacts, which have a very low internal resistance which also makes soldering wires to the terminal an ease. The R-class insulation material is rated at 240°C, the special high-strength adhesive is rated at 340°C, and high quality international well known branded low friction bearings are used to handle extreme loads. Various specifications and models, covering 1/8th various applications 4268 Off-Road series consists of two versions the 1900KV and 2200Kv which respectively are used for 1/8 Off-Road to allow the end user to race at different sized tracks 4268 On-Road series features two versions the 2000KV and 2800KV, which respectively are used for 1/8 Pancar and GT. 4274 one version only consists of the 2250KV which is suitable for 1/8 Off-Road recreational and popular with 1/8th Truggy competition. 4268 G3 2000kV Specs: Application: 1/8 On-Road Type: Sensored Brushless Poles: 4 KV Rating: 2000 LiPo Cells: 2-6S (2-4S in this combo) No Load: 4.2A Case Diameter: 42mm Case Length: 67.8mm Shaft Diameter: 5mm Shaft Length: 18.5mm Weight: 285g Front Bearing: 5x5x16mm Rear Bearing: 5x5x11mm Timing: 20-40° (adjustable)

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